How To: Use the Wii Remote for Head-Tracking & VR

Use the Wii Remote for Head-Tracking & VR

This absolutely Wonderful Pick of the Day could not be more conceptually different from yesterday's Pick. (Therein lies the fun of curating our site.)

Wii-packing. Nerd. Asian. Has-not-missed-too-many-meals. Carnegie Mellon. How great is it that he is hacking around with a Wii, getting college credit, and devising a truly clever application.

A college friend (Peggy) sent me this yesterday. Knocked my own (asiatic) rear end off my super bowl Sunday couch. The world is a Wonderful place.

Create desktop virtual reality displays with a Wiimote

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Holy monkey balls, this kicks ASS!

Why does the writer feel a need to point out the guys weight or race?
It does not help to deliver the information contained in this article.

Johnny Lee's Wiimote head tracking homebrew rig is super cool.
Don't forget also: this is what he was working on ten years ago.
He now works for Google on Project Tango.

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